Eviction Instructions / Requirements


Defendant (Person You Are Evicting) Must Live in Mandeville – Ward 4

YOU Must Read Your Lease.
(This Would Be to Determine If Your Lessee Has Waived the Notice to Vacate.)

If Needed Or You Do Not Have a Lease, Post a 5-Day Notice to Vacate.

Click Here for This Form.

Complete & File a Petition of Eviction & Order Form With the $120 Fee Made Payable to JP Susan Leonard.

Click Here for This Form.

Court Dates for Eviction Hearings Are Typically Set 3 Business Days After Filing.

The Constable Will Post the Petition of Eviction & Order Notice.

If the Issues Are Not Resolved During the Court Hearing, and There Is a Ruling Against the Defendant, the Defendant Has 24 Hours to Move Out.

The Constable Must Be Called to Supervise a Forced Move-Out of a Defendant. This Also Requires Payment of a Fee. Contact Our Office if You Need a Move-Out Service.